Where do you review? A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Where You Can Post A Review

Why do I ask?

Throwing this out there because I’m ready to leave reviews for authors anywhere and everywhere and I’d love to know if you all do the same! In addition, whenever I search for book review sites, I always come across the same 3-4 big places and then some really uncomfortable platforms that put me off! Don’t be distracted by inclusion of Tumblr and Twitter, I promise you I have dedicated book review sites here!

I review books on 21 different platforms!

Which is a lot (I think)! I feel like part of me is just wants to be become a full time book blogger (and quit my day job), and part of me also really wants some of these sites to just get better and better!

So here’s me listing each and every single site!

Update: This pot was updated to include 3 new sites! It went up from 17 to 19!

While I’m going to start up with some of the more typical sites, I will also be adding in a few that I don’t think many of you will have heard about!

I am not going to be talking about my wordpress blog here, mostly because that feels a bit weird to throw in! But you know, feel free to check my other posts out!

I also won’t be talking about ReadersFirst and BookishFirst; I post very rarely there and I don’t know how interested I am with doing more there! For more recent publications, these two sites are definitely good places to review because you’ll earn points to win books! I also don’t use Tribel or YouTube, so I’m not posting about those!

1. Goodreads

What kind of reviewer would I be if I didn’t post to GoodReads! While I’ve never felt that goodreads can give me the best breakdown of my stats, I need it to keep a tally of all my books (it is the most comprehensive database out there besides, possibly, amazon). In addition, everyone is on GoodReads! So while you may have all your book bloggers, you also have everyone who has ever wanted to know a single thing about a book, and everyone from Facebook. So while your initial network may just be your friends and family, it’ll keep growing based on your reviews and when you post to other groups and things!

Check me out on GoodReads right here!

2. Amazon

More and more of us are now also cross-posting our reviews to amazon! These can be verified reviews (because you purchased the book from there), or just on their own! Of course, if you didn’t buy your book from amazon, your review will matter a bit less, but a review is still a review and it’ll help the author and make other people more interested in the book!

Or, you know, warn other people away from the book! Whatever you like!

3. Instagram

Many of us have a bookstagram! This makes sense because Instagram is such a big platform! You post a lot of book pictures and mini-reviews (there is a character limit). You can even join a lot of book tours, post what you’re currently reading, hype up books as they come out! With the advent of linktree, and a bunch of other sites, you can even use that one spot in your Instagram bio to send followers over to a bunch of different sites! So they can go to your blog posts, your goodreads, or even Amazon to buy the book!

Because this isn’t exactly a book blogging site, you can post about any book you like without worrying about what to link it up to!

4. Book Hype

I’m new to book hype! In fact, I’ve been there maybe a month or so, but I love the fact that it has had every random, obscure, self-published book that I’ve wanted to review!

Book Hype is there to keep track of new releases, which means if you want to review an ARC (like I often do) you’ll find it in there!

Book Hype is absolutely free at this point in time, and while you can’t build up followers at the moment, you can post reviews to your heart’s content! It’ll also let you comment on other peoples reviews and you can share your reviews to Twitter and Facebook!

Join me on Book Hype!

5. Twitter

As you can see, I don’t really discriminate about what I post on Twitter! I’ll do anything and everything because it’s a micro-blogging platform and it’s my space!

That being said, I’ve been alerted to some fantastic book deals and come across some amazing writers because of Twitter! You just need to know the right hashtags to follow and you’ll be all set!

You can also use Twitter to drive people to your other sites, like WordPress or Instagram!

6. Tumblr

We can talk about blogging and books without talking about Tumblr! Like Twitter and Instagram, you can post anything you like but you can try different types of content! It’s nice to be able to upload audio and video content, and link as many things as you like!

There is an app for tumblr as well!

7. BookBub

BookBub is one of those platforms that you see growing every day!

When I started out looking into bookbub all I thought it did was send out emails when a book you added to your wishlist was discounted! Now, publishers and authors actively want reviews there and you can slowly build up a following!

Of course, authors have the biggest followings because we’re all interested in what they have to say about other books and we want their recommendations! That doesn’t mean you can’t slowly get better-tailored recommendations and discounts, and also help others out with a review!

As I said, BookBub is growing, so be sure to join it before it becomes hyper-competitive!

Follow me here!

8. BookClubz

Yes! I know BookClubz is technically there to manage a book club (set up meetings, polls, keep track of books)! But you can also review books there! Not just leave a rating (out of 10) but also write a review!

You can also keep track of your own books, separate from your book club reads! Like Book Hype, I’ve found that it has a lot of obscure or new books that you won’t find on other sites!

I also really like the discussion guides!

Join Book Clubz right here!

Keep in mind, they also have a great app!

9. Anobii

I just joined Anobii!

And I’m vibing with it! It’s an alternative for Goodreads, with the social media aspect more built-in! You can post reviews, quotes, notes, make groups and much more! You can also add books that they don’t have! It might take a few days, but you’ll get an email when they do add the book!

Join me right here!

There is also an app version!

10. The StoryGraph

There is also an app for this!

Another GoodReads alternative, The StoryGraph provides you in detail stats and suggestions based on your mood!

They collect feedback from everyone (all optional to not be annoying) and then use that to help everyone’s reading experience!

They’re independent and want to stay that way! They also make adding books to the system really easy.

This is the first site that also focuses on content warnings! While this sounds like something all other book sites should have, The StoryGraph has this built in and natural!

11. Google Books

Yeah. Google lets you review books.

I mean I feel like google will let you review anything.

I discovered this when searching for a book and realizing that on the side they tell you that there is no other review for this. And I was like, why am I not going this. Which is how I started posting my reviews on Google Books.

This is linked up to your Gmail account and lets you add books you’ve read and are currently reading. Once completed you can also throw in a review!

If you’re a reviewer on library thing, it’ll probably also cross post your reviews to this! But I’m new to this and Library Thing so if you have any more information, let me know!

12. Library Thing

I feel like LibraryThing was made when the internet first became a thing! The app feels just as old!

Keeping that in mind, the integration with Google Books probably means we’ll be seeing a lot of it in the future, and you can leave a pretty comprehensive review with interesting stats such as when you purchased the book!

13. Edelweiss +

Reviewing on Edelweirss + won’t do much if you like followers! But this one of those wonderful e-ARC sources that happen to provide some really good authors! Edelweiss was one of the first places I got an ARC from and it happened to be for Ottessa Moshfeghs (unreleased at the time) book Death in Her Hands!

I’m not the right person to give you a breakdown of Edelweiss! With the filters and the amount of books it can be hard to navigate! But I have gotten some real gems on this site!

You can also post reviews for books that you didn’t get from Edelweiss! Anything to get your profile out there!

14. Scribd

So while Scribd functions as a online library, you can also write book reviews!

I feel like scribd started out with hardly anything, but over the years has really grown! When I first joined I figured I would only find obscure stuff; now I know its one of the best sources for audiobooks and will probably have the book I like!

The app is also fantastic!

Use this link to get 60 days free instead of the usual 30 when you sign up for scribd!

15. Litsy

I want to love Litsy, but I keep leaving it and coming back and leaving it again!

The site is like an instagram but just for books. Every time you post (you have three categories of posts) you’ll need to link it up to a book! For an app that looks like it was never updated, Litsy has a good selection of books!

While they have a website, Litsy is meant to be used as an app!

Litsy does have a dedicated and warm community! People are very easy to talk to and there is no algorithm; posts appear in the order they were posted, with the most recent ones at the top.

There is no advertising on litsy, so you also get some massively honest book reviews!

16. Glose

Honestly to God, this site is one of the best places to read books on! They have the most amazingly comfortable app, and a great website! There are plenty of ebooks and audiobooks and I love how they let you highlight and share things!

I also just found out that they let you post reviews for books that you didn’t purchase on the site (you can’t read ebooks purchased from amazon etc)!

17. Literal


It hasn’t taken long for Literal to become one my favourite spaces to review books on!

While Literal started out as waitlist only, it’s opened up to everyone now! The club feature, the chat, and the way you can curate bookshelves is amazing! They give you some great suggestions not only because of their search & explore feature and the playground, and because of the clibs.

You also have goals, not just yearly, but more customisable ones that you can add books to. You can also track your progress in books that you’re reading!

18. Reedsy

While I really like Reedsy it just doesn’t seem to want me as an official reviewer! Let me elaborate though!

Reedsy allows you join to join as a reader or as a reviewer if the reviews you attach match their standards! I’ve been trying to become a reviewer, but that hasn’t worked out! However, even as a reader I can review books, interact with others, recommend books, provide reading updates, post pictures and even create polls.

That being said, a lot of NetGalley readers may really like Reedsy because you can also share your reviews link, which gives it an advantage over google books, Book Club and Edelweiss+. If you get approved as a reviewer, you can also be offered ARCs and some freelancers also use the platform to provide bookish services (cover design, editing, etc).

19. Mastodon:

Given what’s been happening to Twitter, we’re all looking for good alternatives! I recently joined Mastodon and found that there’s a fairly active community of book reviewer and authors on the platform!

It also functions a lot like twitter, so you may vibe with it a bit if you’re looking to swap over that one!

20. TikTok:

I mean a lot of us have personal problems with #BookTok recommendations (THE SONG OF ACHILLES IS NOT A BOOKTOK BOOK OKAY) but that doesn’t mean it’s not a place we can review books! It is! And sometimes things can be fun and interesting. There are a lot of cool authors out there! I also personally think that the more of us who join the better the quality of booktok book recs!

21. Amazon

While I full understand that amazon is meant to be fully commercial platform, you have to admit that leaving reviews there is super helpful to authors! You can leave a review for a book you purchased, or even one you haven’t! The platform just weighs your review a bit differently!

I also have an amazon storefront where I add books that I really like or purchased!

Going Forward

Honestly, I’m curious about a few new sites that have come up! Book Sloth is a name I’ve heard!! I’m also interested to see how Clubhouse will incorporate books on the platform!

6 responses to “Where do you review? A Fairly Comprehensive Guide to Where You Can Post A Review”

  1. I prefer Instagram personally. A major factor in choosing books for me is how nice the cover looks.


    1. That makes sense! I buy a lot of books because of how their cover looks on Instagram!


  2. Wow, it’s so cool that you quit your day job to do this. Must have taken a lot of courage. I myself have done the same thing, but to pursue my fiction. Wishing you all the best!


    1. Oh no! I wish I had quit my day job! That’s the long term aim! At this point, I need the day job to pay for all the books!


      1. Ah, must’ve read wrong haha. And yeah, books cost a bomb, don’t they? Especially for someone like you who’s primarily involved with it. So cool to meet somebody from Pakistan here!


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