Giveaway and Book Review: Blood & Magic Eternal by Jessaca Willis

Blood & Magic Eternal Jessaca Willis

Blood & Magic Eternal by Jessaca Willis

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Blood & Magic Eternal by Jessaca Willis just came out on the 6th of April!

I was also part of the ARC tour for the book on my insta!

This is the first book in the Blood & Magic Eternal series, with book 2, Death & Wicked Monsters coming out on the 23rd of Feb 2023! The book is also available on Kindle Unlimited, which I just love because then my review can count there too!

#QOTD: Do you ever get a book for a tour, and then decide to read it on KU, just so that you can say you’re making use of your subscription? Is it just me? Am I just weird?

Book Review:

Blood & Magic Eternal is a gothic epic romantic fantasy set in a dark realm where humans are near extinction, and vampires entertain themselves on fear. We’ve got a slowburn romance subplot with enemies-to-lovers and love-triangle elements. But I also did just copy most of that last sentence off amazon.

Here’s my problem with Blood & Magic Eternal, I can see where we might get that love triangle; we’re only got like 2 separate potential ones. I just really hate them, and I’m not rooting for any of the couples in this book at all. I’m lowkey hoping that the King kills his son and makes Renee his heir.

In addition, I don’t really feel the hate at the moment. I feel like Char might hate all the Noctis, but Malakai just seems to be too mild to hate anyone you know?

I really liked the concept of the hunt. The King was a complicated but interesting character; that there is a history to how he got this way, which I’m eager to learn about in the next book. I loved that Renee was angling for a lot more than a hookup; she’s sharp, easily one of the smartest characters in the book and I want more about her.

Malaki and Charlotte were not characters I wanted to relate to, or even want to root for or read about. I did enjoy that Charlotte did kill some of the princes friends, mostly cause why not? That might give us more hate vibes in the next book.

That being said, I really liked the world building here, enough to add book 2 to my wish list, and I’m okay with Mira and the Fox, and Renee surviving. Caz just gives me golden retriever vibes, but I like my retrievers as actual dogs.

I’m ending this book with a solid 3 stars, which, based on what I can see, put me in the much smaller percentage of reviewers on amazon. Given that I will probably read the next one when it comes out, that means the author still did a great job!

Blood & Magic Eternal Giveaway

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