Book Tour and Giveaway: Rise of the Wild Moon by Nona Walker & Kimberly Loth

Rise of the Wild Moon
A dying wolf shifter race. A girl forced into a deadly competition. And a forbidden romance that is sure to end in ruin.

This would normally go on insta

Because there is a giveaway associated with this and everything! You can get a paperback copy of the book and a $15 gift card! I wish I could host it on WordPress, but not the same thing!

Small shoutout to Book of Matches Media for being so accommodating!

Between my exam and block on insta they not only rescheduled me, but were super nice about the whole thing! I really do like their tours and the books I’m able to read because of them, so super happy to know that they’re also nice!

I’m not gonna keep you any longer…onto the blurb!

Rise of the Wild Moon is book 3 of the New World Shifters series and came out earlier this month on the 18th! It’s a mildly steamy YA paranormal romance! The book is available on amazon, and the series can be read for free on Kindle Unlimited!



I’m not supposed to be sacrificed to the wolves, that fate belongs to my twin sister.

As the eldest daughter, she’ll join our village’s claimed girls when she turns eighteen. Together, they will go to the wolf shifter city, never to return.

But a terrible tragedy strikes our family, requiring me to go in her stead.

I never trained for what comes next—a glittering world of handsome men and pretty dresses, a wolf pack entirely made of men, and a dark underbelly sustaining it all.

In the Carolina pack, breaking the rules equals death, and competition rules it all.

Twenty girls.

Five men.

The winners get husbands. The losers go to the mating houses. And as for me? I fall for the wrong man.

I’m soon faced with an impossible choice: fight for survival or fight for love.



-Paperback copy of Rise of the Wild Moon
-Series art
-$15 Amazon gift card

To enter the giveaway, head on over to any of these 12 Instagram posts! There will be many more to come (remember to check the hashtag #RiseOfTheWildMoonTour), but these are the 12 that are out there so far!

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