Women of the Harlem Renaissance Edited by Marissa Constantinou

The book selects some of the best short pieces by some of these women which is a great way to check out different writers and see whose style might be to your taste before reading more by them.

Giveaway & Book Tour | The Girl in the ’67 Beetle by Linda Lenhoff

Thank you @jaimerockstarbooktours for the chance to be a part of the tour for T͠h͠e͠ G͠i͠r͠l͠ I͠n͠ T͠h͠e͠ ’67 B͠e͠e͠t͠l͠e͠ by L͠i͠n͠d͠a͠ L͠e͠n͠h͠o͠f͠f͠ The Girl in the ‘67 Beetle came mid of last year and made one reviewer (I swear not me) want to join a dating site again. It really takes some book toContinue reading “Giveaway & Book Tour | The Girl in the ’67 Beetle by Linda Lenhoff”