Book Deal Alert: Between Lost and Found and Infinite by Kathy Kimbray | Book Tour

I’m part of another book tour you guys! So basically some time ago Book of Matches Media let me be part of the cover reveal tour for this book. Basically, the cover got me and I really really wanted this book. I’m genuinely sure they thought I was insane because there I am specifying onContinue reading “Book Deal Alert: Between Lost and Found and Infinite by Kathy Kimbray | Book Tour”

Book Review: The Winter Charlatan by Victoria McCombs

So I know I posted earlier about being on the book tour for The Winter Charlatan! Now I’m done reading and so here is my review! Housekeeping I’m reading this book as part of the book tour hosted by Book Of Matches Media! The Winter Charlatan is the third book in the Storyteller’s series, butContinue reading “Book Review: The Winter Charlatan by Victoria McCombs”

I was bored: NetGalley Edition

So I was bored Which is not all my fault. Ever since I got my booster my sleep cycle has been thrown off and I can’t sleep and I’m angry and mad all the time. I’ve also been aiming to reduce the number of book tours I sign up for, and be more selective withContinue reading “I was bored: NetGalley Edition”

Giveaway & Book Tour: Once Upon Academy, Vol 2

How did we get here? Once again I have failed to read a book tours instructions carefully! I was supposed to pick and read one story, and I didn’t do that. I read all of them. I’m going to just double check things for all other reviews now because this is ridiculous! I do haveContinue reading “Giveaway & Book Tour: Once Upon Academy, Vol 2”

Daily Book Deals and Freebies

This edition has 27 free books, 11 books at $0.99, 8 at $1.99 and 10 at $2.99!

Review: Something is Killing The Children

Believing is a different thing than knowing. You’re old enough to know that there aren’t monsters in this world. But you don’t believe that. Not really. You hear a noise in the woods, or see a shadow shaped wrong and you’re still afraid. Comixology is fantastic! I may not have ever been a comics girlContinue reading “Review: Something is Killing The Children”

Book Review: The Dirty Truth by Winter Renshaw

Don’t get me wrong, The Dirty Truth is a decent romance novel, but that’s all it is; just decent.

Where do you review?

All the places where you can review a book!

Giveaway & Cover Reveal | Deal With The Demon Lord | Kacey Lee

This is an Instagram-only giveaway! In order to take part, you’ll need to hit the link below to open up my post! Once you’ve got my post open, follow me, Kacey Lee, and Hidden Hollow Book Tours Extra Entry: Share in your stories for 24hrs tagging Kacey Lee & Hidden Hollows Book Tours. Rules: US/IntlContinue reading “Giveaway & Cover Reveal | Deal With The Demon Lord | Kacey Lee”