Poetry Corner

One of the things that has really given me joy over the course of the pandemic has been reading poetry. I’ve gone my entire life thinking it wasn’t for me, but insomnia and isolation have taught me that sometimes poetry is all we have to keep going. Young me thought The Ballad of Reading Gaol was the only poem she would ever love. Richard Siken’s Litany in which certain things are crossed out could be the only other, and now I know that’s its sometimes just an ache in between words that stays with you.

While I often forgive the authors I read for bad books, I’m a lot harder on poets; for what I’d give an author 3 stars, I’ll give a poet 1. That doesn’t mean that I haven’t put together my own collection of moments, my own anthology for bad days, that has gives me joy, peace, and despair.

While I’ve been maintaining my tumblr space for a while now, I thought that the switch to a blog may give me the chance to read over some pieces that I love, and also bring them to more of you.