Book Tour: Awakening the Power by Rudo Muchoko

Awakening the Power is about the growing self publishing industry. This short 72 page book functions as a good overview of things authors need to keep in mind before embarking on their publishing journey. Basically instead of researching one thing at a time, this book shows you all the things you’ll need to think about as you go along this journey which means you’ll be able to plan things out better. My only concern with this book is that I’d wish it had been longer and covered these topics in greater detail. Rudo is an author and I wish she’d use more examples from her own experiences, like why she picked one cover for a book over another. Things she learned about picking a good editor etc. Aside from that, it’s a good starting point for many people.

Thank you Random Things Tours for the chance to be on this book tour! I know that Rudo Muchoko has a blog where she’ll continue to post more helpful advice for authors as they go along this journey!

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