Cover Reveal: Curse of the Shadow God by Abbey Fox

Thank you Equality Book Tours for the chance to be apart of the cover reveal for The Curse of the Shadow God by Abbey Fox!

The Curse of the Shadow God is a prequel for The Wicked Kingdom series by the author! It’s published by The Wild Rabbit LLC and comes out on the 17th of March!


This book features some fabulous tropes such as:

🖤 Arranged marriage

⭐ Enemies to Lovers
🖤 He falls first
⭐Cinnamon roll MMC
🖤 Stabby FMC
⭐He heals her
🖤 God meddling with humans
⭐Slow Burn


A sorceress who cannot have the arranged marriage she wants faces undying emissaries laying claim to her future child.

Violet Elder escapes her wedding night and sets out to find the family she was stolen from as a child. But the Society of Crows is already hunting her, and every moment she spends in the Kingdom is one moment closer to death.

When Gavin Luna catches her in the City of Scoria, undeniable chemistry blurs the line between friend and foe. He’s her enemy, and after being betrayed by everyone she considers a friend, how can she let down her guard to trust him of all people?

But with the Society of Crows on their feet and the Emissaries chasing their every move, they are forced to form an unlikely alliance to escape the kingdom and avoid the fate that binds her to the wicked god of shadows.

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