Release Day ~ Scale by L. R. Friedman

Scale by L. R. Friedman
Scale by L. R. Friedman

Congratulations L. R. Friedman on the release of Scale! 

And of course, shout out to Equality Book Tours for the chance to be on the book tour!

Scale is book two in The Blaze Legacy series, which features all the dark loveliness of a secret society and loads of magic! 

This series is available on kindle unlimited and we already have a date for the third book Ascend which comes out on the 4th of July! 

The Blaze Legacy is the authors first series and is self published, so do make sure to check it out and leave a review! 

The Revered have returned.

Struggling to confront burning truths, Kyleigh must keep her identity a secret or risk endangering everyone. As she and Dru navigate her awakened magic and new role within the kingdom, self-doubts emerge, threatening to pull them apart.

Aislin is discharged from her assassin duties, only to find herself tethered to another master when a small favor comes back to haunt her. A familiar enemy re-enters her life, complicating things further and conjuring feelings she can’t ignore or trust.

The restoration of power in Celaria rouses a dangerous foe. Now, two warring kingdoms with a heated past must form a tenuous alliance.

Secrets will be unmasked.

Hearts will be measured.

What are they willing to sacrifice to heal a decade of scars?

Scale is the second book in The Blaze legacy, an NA/Adult Dark Portal Romantasy that is full of magic, mythical creatures, delicious tension, and spice that builds through the series. It contains some explicit content best suited for readers over the age of 18.

Scale by L. R. Friedman

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