Reading Resolutions for 2023

Happy New Year!

I hope your new year started on a happy note! I spent mine holding my stomach because apparently the side effects of steroids involves being in pain elsewhere!

Reading Resolutions

I don’t have a lot of resolutions for the new year except to focus on my health and personal development! It’s less about losing weight and just building my health up which has been suffering these past few months! But I have a few resolutions for reading and blogging!

1. Goodreads goal: 250

I made it to 300 last year! I don’t want to aim to do that again! I want to focus on DNFing books I don’t like and reading ones that I do. I have started to skim read, especially when it’s for NetGalley or a book tour and I’m not really into the book.

2. NetGalley: 200

And 200 of the books I read this year should come from NetGalley so that I can hopefully hit 80% or at least come close to that number! I also want to think before I request a book this year so that I’m not just swamped with books.

3. Blogging:

I want to write a review for every other book I write and regularly publish a list of books I’ve finished and DNFed! I also want to compile a list of blog tour places I’ve worked with, places I’ve gotten arcs from, my favourite greek mythology reads, and my fav books of the month. Basically I want to do something interesting on my blog and spend more time on it!

4. Start writing again, just for the sake of it

I suppose this is linked to the earlier resolution, but I want to work on prompts and write terrible poetry and stories and share them without feeling too worried. I want them to be bad. I just need to indulge in some unproductive creativity!

This isn’t a very long list and it’s not very focused, but it’s intentionally that way because my main focus is my health! This is meant to be a secondary thing so that I don’t neglect that!

What are your resolutions for 2023?

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