Book Review: 100 Poems That Matter by The Academy of American Poets

100 poems that matter

Thank you NetGalley and Andrews McMeel Publishing for the chance to read 100 Poems That Matter!

This is an anthology that will help you cry and soothe you at the same time!

I’ve been subscribed to for the longest time. Not only am I a huge fan of the poems they send, but it’s amazing to be be able to go and read a poem on the site. Sometimes your heart needs a certain poem and it’s fantastic to be able to access it so quickly! When I found out that this book was being published by the same people, I knew it would be amazing and reading it only provided that assumption right!

The anthology is split into five sections, each covering an overarching theme such as grief, the body, desire, etc. It took me a few minutes to understand but when I did I fell in love with the titles of these sections! I think I was slow on the uptake because the only one I was immediately familiar with was ‘Practice Losing Further, Losing Faster.’

This review is not very objective, because as it just so happens I needed the third and the fifth poems quite badly. And while the book had quite a few that I’ve read before and loved, I was also introduced to some fantastic new ones that I’ll turn to in the future!

I should also admit that I prefer anthologies like this one over collections that are purely one poet. If you really love a poet I’m sure you’ll love an entire book comprised of just them, but anthologies such as this one are the ones that give you comfort and introduce you to those poets. To steal the music analogy from this book, sometimes an entire album by an artist might not work for you, but a song by them on the right playlist will!

100 Poems That Matter

A moving, thought-provoking, and emotional anthology of classical and contemporary poems that invites us to celebrate poetry’s power to capture the truths that really matter.

100 Poems That Matter examines universal themes of love, loss, and the experiences that define us. At turns moving, thoughtful, and thrilling, 100 Poems That Matter feeds into the connections we all have to poetry and encourages us to bring a deeper sense of honesty into our lives.
Featured poets include Emily Brontë, E.E. Cummings, Kahlil Gibran, Audre Lorde, and Emily Dickinson.

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