Book Review: How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching

Thank you, NetGalley, for the chance to read and review How To Destroy Your Husband by Jess Kitching!

I had a mild obsession with How to Train Your Dragon at one point (honestly, the movies are still banging, and if you haven’t watched those, you’re losing out. So when I saw the title, How To Destroy Your Husband, I just had to request the book!

How To Destroy Your Husband is Jess Kitching‘s second book. She published The Girl She Was Before in October 2021, which averages over 4 stars on Goodreads and Amazon. Her books fall under the thriller/psychological fiction category, are available on Kindle Unlimited, and were published by Kingsley Publishers.

I read How To Destroy Your Husband after I finished How to Kill Men and Get Away With it. I also started reading it in Rex Kl after being disappointed by the bookstore there. I was reading it in a place where I decided if nothing else was going right, I would read on my kindle just to improve my feedback ratio. That was the only thing I could do. Despite that, How To Destroy Your Husband was a tad bit disappointed and cannot be given more than 3 stars.

I don’t have any suggestions, and there isn’t anything wrong with the book. Like the author hasn’t said anything terrible, nothing too awful happens in the book. I just found it boring. It had a great premise, and the twist with the blog was insane, but something about the book feels unmemorable. I don’t know if it’s our main character or how the book dragged on, I don’t know. It was just dull.

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