The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffnch by Juliet Warrington

The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffinch
The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffinch

Thank you Kaleidoscopic Book Tours for the chance to read and review this book!

Some background to this!

Kaleidoscopic Book Tours organised a tour in conjunction with Clink Street Publishing featuring some really awesome reads! While I’ve read My Body is My Business in the past, I read The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffinch and Men I Dated So You Don’t Have To for this tour!

I’m also spectacularly late because I managed to mess up all my dates!

So with full apologies to the author, the tour organisers and the publishers, let’s start on this review!

Clink Street Publishing

Clink Street Publishing is a New York based publishing house that aims to blend the best of traditional and independent publishing.

What this means is that they make sure their authors get generous royalties and a lot of creative freedom, but they also make sure there is someone there to make sure the book is edited well.

Kudos to them because its reflected in the books I’ve read!

Book Review for The Wit and Wisdom of Hilda Ffinch

We all love agony aunt reads for a reason. They’re always funny because sometimes you’re like how has this person managed to get into this mess, but in this case it’s because the responses are so funny!

Hilda Ffinch, a local author, gives out all this advice and is generally in the know about whatever has happened in her small town. When people wonder if they’re making an ass of themselves, she can tell them that they are and how to fix it.

The book is nothing short of brilliantly funny! Hilda Ffinch is so great, I want to be friends with her, but at a distance, just so that I can get all the tea. The innuendos are brilliant, there are two or three responses where I was not sure what kind of pussy we were talking about! The titles are great!

I want a sequel to the book ASAP! It’s a great debut by Juliet Warrington, and all 321 pages go by in a blink! I am honestly so mad that it doesn’t have more reviews on Goodreads!


England, 1940. With Adolf Hitler and his henchmen goose-stepping around and ranting for the Fatherland on the far side of the English Channel, the villagers of Little Hope in deepest, darkest Yorkshire, are doing their very best to Keep Calm and Carry On. It isn’t always easy, what with evacuees, air raids and a general shortage of knicker-elastic. Sometimes even the stiffest upper lip is wont to tremble. But help is at hand! Enter Mrs Hilda Ffinch, horrendously bored and terribly rich lady of the manor who takes it upon herself to step into the role of Agony Aunt for the local newspaper.

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