Cover Reveal: Divine Destiny by JoAnna Grace

Divine Destiny - JoAnna GraceJoAnna Grace Divine Destiny

JoAnna Grace decided to change up the covers for her gorgeous romantic fantasy series The Divine Chronicles!

Divine Destiny is the second book in the series, but was originally the first to be published in 2013! It’s technically the first book in the series with Divine Awakening serving as the prequel novel.

Like the other books in the series it’s a paranormal romance, with some really fantastic reviews! It’s also on sale for $0.99, with the prequel also on sale!

“From the prologue I was drawn to the lead character… This book never once lost my attention… (she) has entwined her intriguing world of Olympians into my imagination and left me wanting more ASAP!” – Paranormal Romance & Authors That Rock

Of course, if you’re based in the US, I would recommend you head on over to bookstagram to take part in the fantastic giveaway!

Divine Destiny
Divine Destiny
JoAnna Grace Divine Destiny

Blurb for Divine Destiny

Avery McClain is normal. Or so she thinks. 

Until her life is shattered and she is rescued by a Thracian warrior. He takes her to the Haven, a realm of safety for the magical race of Olympians. There she discovers her life was meant for a higher calling as the mate of an Olympian Prince. 

Her choice will change everything. 

Ryse Castille has one job: convince Avery to step into her role as a Divine Grace. As with any mission, there are obstacles to overcome. Including the fact he is captivated by her. Of all the gifts the gods have given him, romance was not included. But Avery belongs to him and he will stop at nothing to protect her. 

The enemy might be closer than they think. 
Can Avery find the courage to embrace her destiny? Or will evil separate them for eternity?

**Avery & Ryse’s journey begins in The Divine Chronicles novella, Divine Awakening!**

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