To Drown as a Cure for Thirst by Blake Auden

To Drown as a Cure for Thirst

To Drown as a Cure for Thirst by Blake Auden

“i think the darkest parts
of anxiety
are a little like that:

it isn’t there
and then it is”

Thank you NetGalley and Central Avenue Publishing for the chance to read and review To Drown as a Cure for Thirst by Blade Auden! The book comes out on the 22nd of October and I’m looking forward to getting my own copy!

Long story short; I loved this book, and its going into my top reads of 2022 shelf! I’m also going to have to check out the rest of Blake Audens books! This felt like a well thought out collection, with all the pieces consistently good!

I’m probably going to read Tell The Birds She’s Gone next, because it’s available for free on Kindle Unlimited, which is awesome!


The fifth collection from poet Blake Auden, To Drown as a Cure for Thirst, is a delicate exploration of grief and how it affects—and is affected by—time and memory. 

Written in the wake of a global pandemic, the book touches on themes including loss, healing, personal reflection, mental health, and love, even in the face of the things that haunt us. Auden’s most personal and deeply honest collection to date, these pages examine the idea that we can overcome what winter has taken, and that to hurt is simply an act of remembering.

To Drown as a Cure for Thirst
Blake Auden

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