Hero in Waiting by Shelby Flynn | Book Review

Hero in Waiting by Shelby Flynn just came out on the 31st of March!

It’s a debut novel by Shelby, and was published by Spitfire Press! It’s also the first book in the Southern Rogues series and definitely worth checking out! Thank you Bookstagrammers.com for the chance to be on the book tour for this one!

Mini Book Review for Hero in Waiting

When I read romance, I very specifically read regency romance, but I made an exception for this and I’m so glad I did. While the book itself is a clean romance, it’s very sweet and you can see the sparks fly between these two characters. I loved Avery as a character, she doesn’t give up on parts of herself as she tries to grow and is very down to earth even as she tries to become a big star. I loved that she sticks to her guns with things like hot chocolate; that was so cute.

With Jackson, I liked that he a bit of backstory and a little bit of man pain and impulsiveness, but that he’s also quick to make things right.

Avery Dawson thought she had it all figured out. A music career, a tour, and the entire world at her feet. Then her bus crashed on a deserted road and she found herself stuck… and in need of a hero.

When Jackson Pole stopped to help the country star trapped in the bus, he thought he was doing a good deed. But the next day, with Avery staying in his house and her fingerprints all over everything, he has one very disturbing realization: Now that she was here, she was going to change everything.

Life in his small town in North Carolina, on the ranch he worked so hard to buy, has always been more than enough for him. He never wanted anything more, and he certainly never wanted a woman. Especially a high-profile, high-maintenance one like Avery.

But when she leaves, intent on starting her tour and moving on from the disastrous week she spent waiting for her bus to be repaired, it turns out he was wrong.

He does need a woman. And only one woman will do: the one that just left him.

Hero in Waiting is a sweet romance that features cowboys, small-town characters, and plenty of romance, with a guaranteed HEA, and is the start of the Southern Rogues series

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