Giveaway & Cover Reveal | The Sylvan and the Sand |Sarah M. Cradit

Book Tour: The Sylvan and the Sand by Sarah M. Cradit

Thank you Book of Matches Media for the chance to be on the book tour for The Sylvan and the Sand by Sarah M. Cradit!

Marry your enemy. Dare to survive.

The Sylvan and the Sand is book two in The Book of All Things series by Sarah! Its a New Adult Fantasy romance, which is basically all my favourite things in one book! It’s also got two fantastic tropes mixes in; enemies to lovers & arranged marriage!


You’ll need to enter the giveaway on my Instagram below and can enter multiple times using everyone else’s posts!


– Signed copy of Book 1, The Raven and the Rush
– Art print by @allexandracurte
– Series exclusive swag


Yesenia Warwick artfully dodges her father’s talks of marriage, set on proving she is just as capable as her brothers. Her three loves—kin, homeland, and independence—are all she needs.

Corin Quinlanden suffers under the cruel contempt of his ruthless father and brother as they their scheme and plot from their castle in the trees. He’s given up wishing for happiness. A strategic marriage, far from home, is as high as he dare dream.

But the king of this realm has his own plan.

Everything the gilded Quinlandens have “earned” was stolen from the Warwicks. So when all the leaders of the realm are summoned to a celebration with the king, both houses approach this fete balancing on a sharp blade’s edge.

But the king’s celebration quickly turns to horror. The lords and ladies can only watch, helpless, as the devious king masterminds a series of marriages between their children, spinning the kingdom into chaos.

Brash, fearless Yesenia Warwick is now the unwilling bride of tender-hearted Corin Quinlanden. Neither her silver-tongued wit, nor her unmatched skill with daggers, can erase what has been done.

The choice ahead of her is simple, but impossible.

Embrace her dangerous new life in the den of her enemy, or send the kingdom to war.

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