Last Week in NetGalley

I’m really trying to improve my NetGalley stats okay!

This month, I’m aiming to get all the low hanging fruit out of the way! By that I mean I’m just going to be focused on reading poetry and graphic novels! I love reading bad poetry, which made this seem like the perfect thing!

In order to get my stats under control, I’m not going to be signing up for a bunch of book tours next month, and as result I’ll have more time to read clear out my NetGalley shelves! A lot of the books I’ve signed up for haven’t been any good and just annoyed me!

It’s also exciting to see some progress! I hit 50% this week, which is great and I’m hoping to keep the momentum going!

NetGalley Reads for the week!

Not a lot of reasons to sing but enough by Kyle Tran Myhre

One of the few poetry collections I will openly recommend to people!

The Language of Food by Annabel Abbs

Yes, I was also on the tour for the book, but I was also approved for the book way before the tour and forgot to post my review on NetGalley until like last week.

Fortunate by Kim Rashidi

As someone who has just started exploring the Tarot, and who loves poetry, this book seemed perfect.
The cover just leapt out at me and even though I wasn’t supposed to request books, I requested this one. Kim Rashidi wants you to use this book as a helpful cheat sheet of sorts alongside your tarot cards and while that sounds awesome, the introduction was the best part of the whole book!
As a poetry book, it just didn’t work for me, even if might work as a small handbook for when you’re stuck with your cards; but I don’t like it enough to want to test that out.

The Eleusinian Mysteries by Isaac Stackhouse Wheeler

It’s no secret that I love Greek mythology! So a retelling of the myth of Persephone, but in verse, seemed like the perfect book for me! I liked the poems at the start, but you do need to read them out loud to yourself to like them. I also found it hard to understand the story towards the end.

I’ll definitely read this book again and probably change my rating. For now, this was a great idea and well-executed.

A History of Touch by Erin Emily Ann Vance

Find your cosmic calling by by Natalie Walstein

I feel like having my own copy to reference would be really great, so that I can try to look up things. It’s very basic and made for newbies, but really does a good job as an introduction. It also really made me feel like I need to look up my time of birth again because I don’t know if I agree with my chart.

NetGalley’s Book Advocate Toolkit

I do think some of this was really basic; I would have loved a walkthrough of the new features, such as why was “Would you be in another format of this book?” introduced etc. I just wish they had gone into more detail, for example, we’re told to just go check each publisher preference individually, why not have had an example in this and walk us through that?

Did not finish

Coming Home by J. Thomas Larks

While I like the idea behind this book, unfortunately, the writing just wasn’t for me! A lot of people did seem to like this coffee table style book, and it is available on Kindle Unlimited in case you want to give it a read!

Archived Too Soon

The Weird and Wonderful Story of Gin by Angela Youngman

I love gin, which is why I was super excited when my wish for this book was approved! When I went to download it, I found out that it had been archived within 9 hours!

End of Week in NetGalley

Last Check-inTo HitEnd of Week StatsTo Hit
Feedback %49%51%
Slow progress, but progress nonetheless!

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