Vesper Vol 1: The Amazon by Jeremy Petiqueux


I read Vesper in one sitting. It’s 62 pages long and has some of the most breathtaking art. The first page looks like it should be a painting in an art gallery.

I’m intrigued by the art and the story. Most of the characters look like half monsters, and yet they’re condemning Vesper for her magic. She also has an interesting relationship with her mother, who was definitely hard on her.

I was also really taken aback by the ending. I mean everyone expects stepmothers to do awful things, but the punishment meted out to the prince was just insane. I had to read that twice just to be sure that this had happened!

I will probably get volume 2 whenever it comes out!

Thank you, NetGalley for the chance to read and review this book!

I’m in love with this!


Vesper, the Amazon of the Knights of Nyx, is a formidable warrior versed in the practice of Etheric magic. She uses her talents in the service of Prince Crimson Nyx, with whom she shares the dream of a kingdom where people of all races can live together. But in the midst of celebrating an important victory for their kingdom, the two heroes are ambushed by the Ekklesia, a religious order that sees in them the manifestation of dark forces that must be stamped out… A fast-paced first entry of a thrilling fantasy series not to be missed.

Vesper came out on the 20th of October, 2021! It was published by Europe Comics! I promise that I was only approved a few days ago! I didn’t take 4 months to read this!

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