Mini Book Review | Pinups Around the World by Jim Silke

Mini Book Review!

Thank you Edelweiss for the chance to read and review this!

Pinups around the world, doesn’t have much to read in it. The little there is, doesn’t read well because the formatting of the book was terrible.

Its a nice collection of images of pinups, although I’m sure there must be many more styles out there. There just wasn’t as much information or history as I thought there should be. It was just hey, here’s a few paras and now here are pictures.

I guess one of the reasons why this is so short a review is because there wasn’t much in the book to review. Of course, someone on goodreads did a much better job, so I’m linking her review right here!

#QOTD: Does this count as my nonfiction book for the month?


Pinups Around the World gathers a second serving of the stunning work of pinup artists across continents and through time. With over 100 artists from the United States, Europe, Australia, Japan, and China included, this collection follows up the previous edition with even more unrivaled pinup art designs.

This collection offers an unrivaled look at every different direction pinup art design has taken since the heady days of Bettie Page. More than 200 images from the best practitioners portray the influences of the greats, such as Gil Elvgren and Olivia De Berardinis, but also show new trends, including a revival in 1980s-influenced line work in the vein of Patrick Nagel, and of biomech-influenced approaches. Every image is accompanied by a caption detailing the artist, name of work, and major influences, making this an invaluable source of information and inspiration for all graphic artists and cartoonists in the genre.

Previously considered taboo, pinup women continue to grow in popularity in the art community. The current appeal of old pinup art is the unpretentious, often naive, and joyful whimsy that celebrates the sensuality of the women depicted. Whether they’re real or imaginary, pinup women are a celebration of feminine sexuality.

The sheer breadth and span of pinup art today is amazing and every major genre is represented within, including:

  • Classic American
  • Sci-Fi and Fantasy
  • Cartoon and Comic Book
  • Hot Rod
  • Neo-Surreal

For the pinup aficionado and artist, this non-stop, eye-popping book is an essential source of inspiration.

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