Last Week On NetGalley!


This is me really trying to work on my NetGalley Feedback percentage!

I didn’t really have a lot of time these past couple of weeks! Work has been absolutely crazy and it’s been really hard to unwind!

My NetGalley US account was closed down! I did ask for the same book twice and reviewed it on both sites. Apparently, NetGalley US vs UK is not a thing: I’m just an idiot. This did make me very sad, but the support people were nice enough about it and answered all my questions, and they could tell I was super upset in my first email! My main account has also always approved me for better books, so I should just focus on that!

Just Finished On NetGalley

I was super excited to be approved for Witch 13 by Patrick R. Delaney, and Gallant by V. E. Schwab! How could I not be?!

Witch 13 by Patrick R. Delaney

This was a decent read, if you like the genre. The book is on sale if you want to order it now!

Gallant by V. E. Schwab

There are no words to describe this book! I love Schwab, and I’ve ordered 2 more of her books!

A Night To Die For by Lisa Schroeder

This was one of my last NetGalley US reads, and I was approved for this one for a tour! I did end up spotlighting it, but you should check out other people’s reviews before looking at mine! I do love my reel though!

In Focus Divination by Steven Bright

A really good survey of some interesting methods of divination. It doesn’t cover some of the mainstream ones like palmistry, numerology or even tarot, but has around the 10 alternative ones!

Vesper Vol 1: The Amazon

I wish NetGalley could partner up with Comixology and we could read graphic novels there! Absolutely beautiful but a complete waste in the NetGalley app!

Little astronauts by Jennifer Stein

Very cute poems on motherhood! You can read my favorite ones in the post!

Songs Of Flesh Songs Of Spirit by Mark Shepard

I didn’t expect it to be 26-page book, but it wasn’t a bad one. I did read it half sleep-deprived, and I generally think that the shorter the piece the better it is. Mark seems worth checking out though!

Books I Did Not Finish

This was a great week in that sense! I didn’t DNF anything and everything seems to be available for me!

NetGalley Stats

So I just want to experiment with this and keep track of the progress I make over the year! I absolutely don’t think I remember how I started the year, but I can have an estimate of what happened during the course of it!

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