Last Week in NetGalley

So I had a 4-day work week, and that meant I really got through some of my NetGalley books!

If there is anyone over here who doesn’t know what NetGalley is, NetGalley is a website you can use to request ARCs, or Advance Reader copies. It has some of the biggest publishes and some really wonderful books!

C͙o͙u͙l͙d͙ N͙o͙t͙ F͙i͙n͙i͙s͙h͙ I͙n͙ T͙i͙m͙e͙

While I really wanted to finish these books, I couldn’t. I was just a bit lazy and should have been more on top of things. They seemed interesting, and I plan on buying the History of Tarot Art. Overthinking About You by Allison Raskin, Clothes by XYZ were also interesting reads. With Clothes I faced a different issue; I couldn’t stand reading the Adobe version on my iPad. It was so glitchy I couldn’t stand it. I didn’t even get the chance to start Rapture and Melancholy; it was archived!

D͙i͙d͙ N͙o͙t͙ F͙i͙n͙i͙s͙h͙

Blood and Fire by Kim Mullican

I think is an interesting story, but when I’m tired, reading a badly edited book annoys me!

Voice of Fire by Alan Moore

This seemed really interesting, but honestly the style of the first story put me off!

Using an amazon link because the cover I found was comically small.

Longing & Be-Longing by Paulette Rochelle-Levy

This was just not my style of poetry at all! But I genuinely think others out there will like this!


J͙u͙s͙t͙ F͙i͙n͙i͙s͙h͙e͙d͙

Dead Girls Can’t Tell Secrets by Chelsea Ichaso

For this one, I’m just going to link up my review!

The Lost Sister by Alexa H. Michaels & Eleanor Elaine

Also, shamelessly linking up my blog post! This is also here because I forgot to post my review to NetGalley earlier!

Avidly Reads Poetry by Jacquelyn Ardam

The Gifts That Bind Us by Caroline O’Donoghue

Yes, I did write a review just so I could link it up here!

F͙e͙e͙d͙b͙a͙c͙k͙ P͙e͙r͙c͙e͙n͙t͙a͙g͙e͙

Not great! I have two NetGalley accounts!

NetGalley US

I currently have a feedback ratio of 67%, which is 13% below the recommended ratio of 80%!
Given that I have been approved for a total of 161 books, with 108 reviewed, I need to read 21 more books to get to 80%!

NetGalley UK

This is even worse! I’m at 52%, with 297 books approved! I need to read 84 books to hit 80%, which seems kind of impossible at the moment!


My strategy is to try to read what I like and DNF what I don’t! I hate that when you say I won’t be reviewing this book, it doesn’t count towards your score, which is why I don’t do that! I go ahead and tell the publisher why I’m giving up at 20% (for example)! It’s harsh, but you did want my honest opinion!

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