Sunday’s with Seher: On Reading Jackie French & Being Ghosted by a Ten Year Old

What are you up to today?

So I’m placing last minute orders for Valentine’s Day, which is more for me than for boi. I wanted one of those heart shaped cakes you can use a hammer with (smash cakes?) and now I’ll get to do that and be an awesome girlfriend.

I also tried to do a collaborative post with my baby cousin, who was just a bit jealous about the likes on insta. It’s hard to explain engagement groups to a ten year old, so I figured I’d do a collab and she’d accept and she might get more followers.

My baby cousin ghosted me.

What are you reading today?

I’m reading Miss Lilys Lovely Ladies by Jackie French.

Ngl I groaned because I have to read 6 books this week for book tours, and I was a bit taken aback by this one being 528 pages.


Why have I not read Jackie French before? Why is the only historical fiction I read in the regency romance category? Why did she just do that to Mouse?!? What is Emily up to? Did we really run in Malcom like that? I’m on page 343, I’ll probably have some answers by the end of it!

Well, I’ll give you my full review after I’ve finished it on Tuesday, but I’m already a fan!

2 responses to “Sunday’s with Seher: On Reading Jackie French & Being Ghosted by a Ten Year Old”

  1. You should follow my daughter @thereaderschronology on Instagram. She is great book lover.


    1. I have followed her! She posts about such nice books!


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