Book Review: unlock your storybook heart by Amanda Lovelace

Why did I do this to myself?

The thing is, I’m really sure everyone will want to read Amanda Lovelace. She’s a fairly popular poet with 5786 followers on Goodreads and a lot of books, including some that have been translated to other languages.

And I also really wanted to tank my NetGalley US feedback ratio, which was 80% at the start of the year and is now 68%. I need to read 18 more books. I haven’t even checked what happened to my main NetGalley UK.

I’m kinda hangry, which means I’m really editing what I say, because I don’t want to say anything hurtful to someone that I’d regret tomorrow morning, but I didn’t like this collection.

Not my best edit, but I’ll take it!

While Amanda Lovelace has some great messages, it’s absolutely not poetry. It really isn’t!

her love adores her even when she’s being impossible.
— who knew?

Like great. I love the sentiment. As someone who is in love these days, the first really seriously healthy and loving relationship (dating wise, a lot of others have gone great) of my life I related to a lot of her pieces.

Relating to someone else’s experiences does not make it good writing though. And while Amanda Lovelace has clearly thought things through, and is presumably (and hopefully) in a good head space these days, this book wasn’t for me at all!

So I’m not putting up any of her poetry on my Tumblr this time (that was a shameless plug), and will instead content myself with this blog post!

That being said

I am including some pieces that I thought were better written than the others. I’m also including the blurb and the link to get the book on Amazon. You can absolutely tell me I’m an idiot and she’s amazing in my comments and give me a new take on this. I’m hangry right now, but I’ll be all ears later.


“life is not something that can be experienced on a deadline.”

amanda lovelace, the bestselling & award-winning author of the “women are some kind of magic” poetry series, presents unlock your storybook heart, the third & final installment in her feminist poetry series, “you are your own fairy tale.” this is a collection about being so caught up in the fable that is perfectionism that you miss out on your own life. be honest: when was the last time you stopped to take in the everyday enchantment all around you?

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