I was bored: NetGalley Edition

So I was bored

Which is not all my fault. Ever since I got my booster my sleep cycle has been thrown off and I can’t sleep and I’m angry and mad all the time.

I’ve also been aiming to reduce the number of book tours I sign up for, and be more selective with NetGalley books.

So I signed up for more NetGalley books.

All from the Read Now section on NetGalley UK

So I’ve signed up for 12 books and while that partly sounds great, it’s also terrifying.

Its mostly terrifying because I have to add them all to my trello tracker.

I’m trying to hide how many publication dates I’ve missed.

What did you do today?

Now excuse me while I head on over to the NetGalley US site…

One response to “I was bored: NetGalley Edition”

  1. […] love that I went from over 50% to under in the span of two weeks and 27 approvals! I was bored: NetGalley Edition Seher’s ReaderRankSeher has reviewed 682 books with an average rating of 3.781 out of 5.77 […]


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