Giveaway & Book Tour: Once Upon Academy, Vol 2

Once Upon Academy, Vol 2

How did we get here?

Once again I have failed to read a book tours instructions carefully! I was supposed to pick and read one story, and I didn’t do that. I read all of them. I’m going to just double check things for all other reviews now because this is ridiculous!

I do have to thank Rockstar Book Tours for the chance to read this book and take part in the book tour! Jaime has always been super accommodating and responded to my ton of questions the first time I was accepted for a book tour! As you can probably tell, Rockstar Book Tours was the first place that let me be part of a book tour!

But now that we’re done with my sentimental moment, let’s get down to business! This is a giveaway after all!

Smiling down at the card, I thought about all the new possibilities that opened up with my magic tricks. I didn’t have to fake my tricks anymore; I could actually perform them.

You’ll have to read the book to find out which story this belongs to!
Let’s start with my review

As a whole Once Upon Academy is a collection of short stories by different authors with a couple of things in common. All the characters are descendants of beloved fairytale characters such as the beast and belle, the big bad wolf, the fairy godmother, Peter Pan, and a bunch of others. They all attend the same school to learn how to control their magic, and we’re looking at the days leading up to the winter ball!

I loved that the book had the presence of some really different fairytales! They had ogres, and dragons, and ravens, and the Ironside myth (I think thats what it is).

Given that I read all the stories, I did get a chance to pick my favourite story from the book! It’s Perle of Love by Marie Long! Mostly because I adored Zeke and how he was trying to do better but couldn’t find an in with his family no matter what he did. I want a sequel and a prequel!

That being said, I do feel like some of the stories could be better edited and have the dialogue between characters tightened up.


The grand prize for this giveaway is a $25 gift card to amazon!

In addition to that, the first 50 people who order the book from books2read may receive some goodies in the mail, like a school map and invitation to the ball! Send your confirmation # and addy to! This is also limited to the first 50 pre-orders so get the book soon!

If you’re not convinced you’d like this book or would want to enter the giveaway, I still have two things for you! One is, of course the blurb! And the other is a excerpt from one of the stories!


Once Upon Academy, where fairytales are real and princesses really do get happily ever afters.

To kick off the end of our first semester, Once Upon Academy is hosting the annual Winter Ball. A night full of magic, love and happy endings.

Join the descendants of classic fairytale characters as they navigate the prestigious halls of Once Upon Academy. Get boujee on the most magical night of the school year and experience a fairytale kiss under the mistletoe.

It’s a night you don’t want to miss.


You’re not gettin my wand, asshole.

Each of my teasers is from a different story!

To read the excerpt you’ll need to head over the below Book Funnel (or just tap the image) to get 64 pages of winter ball goodness!

“Watch me.” A tickling sensation traveled up Perle’s arm from the buildup of static electricity. For a moment, she thought back to her final exam, and the little white target on the dummy’s forehead. Ms. Fitcher’s lecture echoed in her mind. “Small target. Center. You see everything.”

You can probably guess what story this is from!

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