Review: Something is Killing The Children

Believing is a different thing than knowing. You’re old enough to know that there aren’t monsters in this world. But you don’t believe that. Not really. You hear a noise in the woods, or see a shadow shaped wrong and you’re still afraid.

Something is Killing the Children, Vol 1

Comixology is fantastic! I may not have ever been a comics girl before, but now I make sure to check out what I have as part of my subscription. Last year I was obsessed with Vampirella, and now I need more of Erica Slaughter.


When the children of a small town in America (it’s always a small town in the states) start disappearing or are butchered, Erica arrives on the scene trying to figure out what it is before more children fall prey to the monster. While she has a vague idea of what it could be, we find out that she’s up against something much scarier by the end of the first book.

My Thoughts

Something is Killing the Children may not be the most beautiful comic book I’ve ever seen, but the plot was pretty great and I loved that our main had her clothes on.

I loved the way the writers depicted the reactions of the townspeople; they were angry and grieving, drinking to excess and falling apart. Some were attempting to regain control by lashing out at the one child who survived and the new woman in town.

Erica also makes a great main because while she’s angry at the person she’s working with (who we never really see), she doesn’t get mad at the people around her in the town; she’s seen these reactions before and is used to dealing with them. She apologizes to the boy when she snaps because she recognizes how messed up all this is for him and is gentler than expected. She’s a great contrast to those heroes we see who demolish things in their way and act injured when no one loves them.

One of my favourite quotes!


Something Is Killing the Children is part of a series of the same name. The writer for the series is James Tynion (which autocorrect changed to Tyrion for a minute), with Werther Dell’Edera as the illustrator and Miquel Muerto as the colorist.

While normally this e-comic is available in paperback for $13.49, it’s also part of my comiXology subscription which means I read it for free (the subscription is like $5.99 a month), but otherwise, the e-comic is $6.99. I mention this because I’m doing my best to keep track of all my subscriptions to see if they add value to my life. ComiXology always does!

I’ve also borrowed the next part Something is Killing the Children Vol. 2 so you’ll see that review up soon!

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