What Are You Reading Today?

Me and Doggo in the garden

Honeycomb by Joanne M. Harris

I’m reading Joanna M. Harris’s book Honeycomb! It’s a beautiful book; her writing is eerie and the stories feel like fairytales flipped on its head. I opened the book and thought for one moment I’d bought a children book!

In other news, I’ve started to pick out books from my TBR Stack like you pick out tarot cards. You go to the stack and feel one calling you. I feel like this one had been calling me for sometime and that was me finally acting on that urge. But I’m glad I did!

I also just remembered that Jonna M Harris also wrote the gospel of Loki (which I loved) and I have another one of her books (chocolat) in my bookshelf! She was the reason I had a very brief Norse mythology phase!

If you want to get your own copy of Honeycomb in Pakistan, I know that The Last Word Books used to have it in stock. They also have her book Runemarks in stock. However, there is always amazon.

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