Book Review: Killer Content

Killer Content: Review

Six Tik tok content creators who live in one house; what could possibly have gotten one of them killed?

Rating: 4 out of 5.

I had high hopes from Killer Content mostly because of the cover (and the blurb)! I’m surprised, as I often am with book tour reads that it met my expectations!

I would love to watch a movie made from this book just because this book feels like the author turned a movie into a book. I definitely didn’t see the twist coming; I actually felt really bad for both Sydney and Brooklyn, although one of them is fairly awful, and so are their

I wasn’t a big fan of the whole Kat and Beau are the two nice people thing, mostly because that felt typical, but I also liked that because they were. I grew to like this trope because, like I said, this book would make a fantastic movie! I will also admit that this got boring in the middle and then we got to the twist, spoiler alert: Brooklyn did not do it, but it was perfect!

I don’t normally read a lot of YA thrillers, but between the A Good Girls Guide to Murder series and Killer Content I need to be on the lookout for more!

Let me know down below if you have any suggestions for me!

I do want to thank NetGalley, Kiley Roache and TBR & Beyond Tours for the chance to read and review this book! I really do like this book so I really do think you should check out the blurb below and buy the book! I’ve included the link to Amazon just to make it easier on you!


Knives Out meets One of Us is Lying! In this twisty thriller a group of famous TikTokers begin turning on each other when one member is found dead at their beachfront Malibu mansion.

35 million followers. One dead body.

The six teenagers who make up the Lit Lair have it made. A beachfront mansion, millions of followers, stunning good looks, and sponsorship deals worth more money than they ever dreamed. They live together, making videos about their perfect lives.

Except it’s not so perfect after one of them turns up dead in the infinity pool. When the group TikTok account starts posting cryptic messages, the police stop looking outside the house for suspects—and start looking straight at them. Everyone in the Lit Lair had reasons why their lives would have been easier without Sydney Reynolds.

But only one of them killed her.

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