Book Review: My Body Is My Business by Melissa Todd

I’ve never read anything by Melissa Todd before this, but the premise was fairly interesting. A woman drops out of Oxford to work in the sex industry and is now telling us her story almost 25 years later as she works as a dominatrix and porn star!

I think this was definitely a take in some ways, and I’m sure readers will have a strong reaction to what Todd says. Our main never says she’s a feminist, doesn’t even like most feminists, and describes herself as “a whore to the bone.” For her feminists just cause trouble where she’s trying to make some money.

You don’t have to agree with Clara, our main, but you have to admire the way she just gets on with things. Moreover, she’s really funny. This book made me actually laugh out loud.

I can’t give it 5 stars though; I didn’t like the relationship between Clara and the photographer; in a book about her peeing on people as a dom, the relationship between her and the photographer was the creepy one. I also thought Richard wasn’t much of an audience to tell a story to, but as compared to Clara, everyone else is a little bland!

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Thank you Kaleidoscopic Book Tours for a chance to read and review this book!

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