Giveaway: Hit by Mallory Hart

Hit By Mallory Hart


I’ve been talking about reading a mafia romance for a while now, and I never actually got around to doing so because my TBR is crazy (like all of us here)! But then @jaimerockstarbooktours sent around an email for a book tour for Hit by @malloryhartromance, with seemed like the perfect opportunity to finally read one!

I was not disappointed! I’m not going to say I can comment a lot on the category, but it was lit! I loved the characters, the man pain was just enough, and I loved how Pina grew throughout it! I’m also now interested in reading the second part; I love that their code actually came in handy for the two of them and Darragh knows whats up.

I do have a bit of a spoiler for the next book; one of the hashtags sent for the book tour was reverse harem, and now I’m wondering what that means for the next part!



2 winners will receive a signed finished copy of HIT, US Only!

L⃣i⃣n⃣k⃣ i⃣n⃣ b⃣i⃣o⃣

The book is also free if you, like me, are on kindle unlimited!



All her life, Giuseppina Delarosa knew two things: what her father and brother did after dark was a secret, and her life was never her own. As the sole daughter of Don Delarosa’s clan, it was well known a marriage would secure the future of the family. But when she learns she’s to be wed to an infamous ally, Giuseppina has other plans.

Darragh O’Callaghan is good at exactly two things: not caring about anyone, and killing his enemies. The only Irish mafia in the city needs good enforcers to keep their borders, and Darragh does his job well. So he can’t understand why he screws it all up when a hit is placed on the Delarosa gang’s prime jewel: Giuseppina Delarosa.

One rainy night.
One decision not to kill.
One moment that changes everything.

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