Cover Reveal | A Blessed Darkness by Elexis Bell

I’m so excited to help bring to you the cover reveal for the upcoming adult dark fantasy novel A Blessed Darkness by Elexis Bell! Thank you The Book Scenes for letting me be a part of this!

A Blessed Darkness ~ Alexis Bell

A dark connection. 

A deadly responsibility.

Sparks fly when Elairie, a mixed-blood elf living on the edge of society and serving as a nightguard, meets her latest prisoner. Strange auras surround them, and a magical gravity draws her to him, despite what her associates might say about his race. But the connection they share comes with a dark side.

When Beluroan learns that he and his guard are Blessed Ones, hand-crafted by the Gods to stop a madman from recreating the Blood Magic of old, his veins run cold. Threatened with a return to the magical slavery such magic commands, fear grips him, and memories of his childhood Master fill his mind.

But together, their potential power frightens even the Gods. Can they overcome the prejudices marring their land and master their new magic in time to stop the man trying to enslave their country? Or will they succumb to their own power?

Release Date: 22nd February, 2022


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