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A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano
This was Jack Dorian. I had kissed Jack
 Dorian, and betrayed Mama, Philippe,
 and the God in whom Jack had no

~ A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano


Our main character Ella is based on Marie Taglioni, whose style of ballet was responsible for the shift from the male to the female lead. I genuinely did love that Ella stuck to her morals and principles in a time when as a ballerina she was supposed to need to become a mistress to be able to rise as a dancer and then live after her time was up.

The story is romantic and soft, with the air of a mystery nearby. It’s just that mystery and the weird conclusion to Ella’s life was what annoyed me to death. And while I understand Ella really needed to hold on to her beliefs to stay strong, why she couldn’t trust Jack, I didn’t like her a person. Maybe I missed it, but I don’t think she should have done what she did to Lily in the name of keeping her respectable.

“I’ve been offered something beautiful, and I want to take hold of it while I can. I won’t stand on some antiquated principles and watch love pass me by. I want to seize it. Can you understand? Can you, even a little?”

A Midnight Dance by Joanna Davidson Politano

I do applaud the author for putting together an interesting set of characters. While this one wasn’t for me, I will definitely be checking out more of their books in the future!


All theatre romances are tragedies. Ella Blythe knows this. Still, she cannot help but hope her own story may turn out different than most—and certainly different than the tragic story of the Ghost of Craven Street Theater.

Yet as she struggles to maintain her tenuous place in the ever-shrinking ballet company, win the attentions of principal dancer Philippe, and avoid company flirt Jack, Ella cannot deny the uncanny feeling that her life is mirroring that of the dead ballerina.

Is she dancing ever closer to the edge of her own tragic end? Or will the secrets that are about to come to light offer release from the past?

As you all know I’m trying really hard to get through my book tour and NetGalley reads this month!

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About the author

Joanna Davidson Politano

Joanna Davidson Politano is the award-winning author of Lady Jayne Disappears, A Rumored Fortune, Finding Lady Enderly, and The Love Note. She loves tales that capture the colorful, exquisite details in ordinary lives and is eager to hear anyone’s story. She lives with her husband and their two kids in a house in the woods near Lake Michigan. You can find her at

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  1. Great review.. I’m not sure about this. I’m slightly curious but I don’t know if it would be something I could really get into.
    Thanks so much for sharing!


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