Monster Midwife by Lumen Reese

Thank you Love Book Tours and Lumen Reese for letting me a part of the book tour for Monster Midwife!

I never thought I’d read a book like this, the idea is pretty different. I mean who writes about a midwife for monsters (we have two of our favourite Greek ones featured here) and how she got to that place! Who even thought about monsters needing a midwife! Or faerie’s needing one! It’s one of those random things that no one would ever look into, but Lumen Reese did.

So besides a fairly interesting premise, Lumem Reese also teased us with common fantasy tropes without giving in to them; reader, this is the first time no one has hooked up in an inn that only had one room available for the night. We had a faerie prince who turned out to not be who we thought he would be; but that was honestly such a good thing. The whole unequal balance of power in a relationship but they are meant to be trope is sometimes really uncomfortable and Reese does a good job of highlighting that!

This is the first book that I’ve read by this author and I don’t think it’ll be the last.

This tour is going to be really interesting and we have all these amazing bookstagrams posting for it as well!

You can follow Love Book Tours right here!

I also really wanted to talk about this image that I ended up using in my edit! The image is that of Beth Carters bronze, the Minataur. While she models it after her father and him reading, I found this on tumblr and I love this interepretation of it!

Like Esmera who reminds us what happened to Medusa was a crime (its so easy to remember her only as a monster), the consequences of it are sadly as human as any other; a child. The same Minotaur who is a monster, and can only be shown to us as monster, is also half human. Who knows, after he is done eating the youths and instilling terror, maybe he reads, or watches TV.

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